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Welcome to the DeFi evolution

Amanah DeFi

Amanah DeFi’s goal is to bring Shariah-compliant solutions to the DeFi ecosystem and provide a reliable and transparent system for the Muslim World to help them benefit from this emerging financial evolution. Apart from this, we also propose financial solutions to non-Islamic societies by focusing on society's financial health as a whole and working around aggressive derivatives and volatile high-interest rate loans. These solutions include offering more stable, less volatile, and healthier products to benefit non-Islamic societies. We aim to create alternative revenue methods stemming from the Islamic financial thought.


Vision and Purpose

We Welcome you to the DeFi evolution

Our team’s goal is to bring the value of the Islamic Financial space and join it with the DeFi sector's innovation. We believe that everyone deserves a level playing field. As such, non-Islamic societies will benefit from the stability, quality, and non-volatility of our products. At the same time, we respect and understand the Islamic community's need to keep their faith; as such, we Amanah DeFi came into being.

Amanah DeFi is the product of world-renowned thought-leaders of Islamic Finance, Islamic religious scholars, business leaders, futurists, blockchain experts, and DeFi experts. Our team comprises thirty experts from twenty countries, all striving for one purpose, to bring the profound value of the Islamic Financial Thought to the Islamic and non-Islamic communities and connect the world together.

We rely on Blockchain technology's core values to give Islamic Fintech a secure and more innovative way of doing business.


Blockchain offers transparency and visibility of transactions to all users. Thanks to smart contract functionality, financial transactions' monitoring and regulation can be reduced to merely writing codes. Shariah Scholars around the world have been doing an extensive study on the usage and permissibility of cryptocurrencies. At Amanah DeFi, we have built a world-class team to develop our product by bringing together reputed engineers, researchers, and advisors, guided by trusted scholars, to release an offering that will be welcomed and trusted by the world.

Timeline & Roadmap

Phase 1 will include the the creation and launch of the the Amanah DeFi Stack investment bucket, The Amanah NFT MarketPlace, and the Amanah Giving Protocol (Charity & Zakat)
Phase 2 will aggressively focus on the team expansion and addition of world class researchers in different areas to expand and add product offerings to the Phase 1 scope
Phase 3 will include the continuation of Phase 2 work and start the focus on the B2B sector to bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi.

Q4, 2020 Amanah DeFi, born on the 1st of October, 2020 Formation of the Amanah DeFi team.
Ideation, ideas and research
Amanah DeFi website launch
Q1, 2021 Finalization of the Amanah DeFi product catalogue
Development and testing - Amanah Trading App, NFT product, AZakat and CharityCreation and publication of the whitepaper Creation of the Amanah DeFi smart contract and token
Late March 2021
to Early April, 2021
Token Private Sale
Token Public Sale
Q2, 2021 Listing of token in partner exchanges Development, validation, testing, creation and launch of the BETA Amanah DeFi trading app and wallet
The Salient Features of Amanah DeFi will be
Prohibition of Riba (Unjustified expectation from a financial transaction): Amanah will create a riba-free solution to trade crypto assets on its platform
Prohibition of Gharar (Uncertainty): Amanah will ensure that its products offering will be free of excessive levels of ambiguity, risk and uncertainty
Prohibition of Maysir (Gambling): Amanah will keep its platform free from any sort of zero-sum game type dealings and transactions
Prohibition of Specific Prohibited Elements: Amanah will keep its platform free from any other Shariah-prohibited elements specific to a transaction
Facilitation of Halal Transactions: The Amanah wallet will facilitate the exchange of Shariah-compliant transactions only. For example, if a token is being used to facilitate Shariah non-compliant activities or businesses, then the wallet will prohibit such a transaction, through the logic in its smart contracts
Continuous screening and listing of Shariah compliant crypto assets: The in-house Shariah advisors will be regularly monitoring and screening the newly listed crypto assets and reviewing existing crypto assets, to make sure that the crypto assets residing or interacting in the wallet are halal
The aim of Amanah Wallet is to continuously create cutting-edge Shariah compliant financial products and solutions covering the following segments:
Capital Markets
Trade Finance
Integration with Halal and Muslim Friendly Market Places
Automatic Zakat Calculation on assets
Once certified as Shariah-compliant, the Amanah DeFi wallet will expand its reach into other Islamic Financial and Takaful products.

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